E3 2011: NOX Admiral Touch Hands-On

June 17, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

The Nox Admiral Touch is a headset unlike anything we’ve seen. They are truly pushing the envelope of what headsets are and what they will become in the future.

The Admiral Touch inserts some special features in to headsets we haven’t seen before. One of the biggest is the cellphone size touchscreen that runs the Android OS. This enables the headset to download Android apps such as Skype and Pandora. The headset also enables you to access the NOX website to download apps they have on their page.

The sound for The Admiral is as crisp as ever with their Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Even while at E3 the noise cancelation worked surprisingly well. The Admiral comes with a base that can decrease bass or increase bass with surround sound.

Even after these features The Admiral is still a gaming headset. The microphone boon is quite small but Nox believes that the size they chose is more than enough. When you push the mic back it puts the headset on mute. The volume knobs serve as a fader to increase or decrease voice volume and online in game chat volume.

The base of The Admiral allows you to plug in a separate passive set of headphones in to the base and that person can hear everything you hear through The Admiral. You can also turn the speakers of the headset out and that serves as an outward speaker.

The Admiral Touch also has an SD card slot and mini usb port which can be used to share photos from your headset, cellphone, and t.v.

As of right now there is no price for NOX’s Admiral Touch. It’s an amazing piece of equipment well worth whatever they decide to charge for it.

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