Copy Favourites to Windows Phone with Opera Link

June 15, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 features a great browser in the shape of a customized version of Internet Explorer, but thanks to the lack of an ActiveSync desktop tool (a common feature of Windows Mobile in the past) there is no way of syncing your favourites.

As such any website that you desperately want to visit on your phone will need to be entered manually into your Windows Phone unless you can find a suitable workaround.

While you might opt to copy bookmarks from your PC and paste them into an email to send to an account that you can pick up from your Windows Phone, the best option is probably via the Opera Link system, utilizing the desktop Opera browser and the Opera Link for WP7 app.

Within just a few minutes you can be enjoying your favourite bookmarks on your Windows Phone, opening them as easily as you would on your desktop computer.

Copy favourites to Windows Phone with Opera Link

Setting Up Opera Link

In order to use this method of syncing your favourite bookmarks, begin by visiting from your PC and downloading and installing the browser.

Once up and running, Opera will ask you to import bookmarks from another browser (if it doesn’t, use File > Import and Export and select the option corresponding to your current browser). After this has been done, go to Tools > Synchronize Opera > My Opera Link Page and sign-up for an Opera Link account in the resulting webpage.

In the Tools > Synchronize Opera > Configure… screen, check the Bookmarks option and this data will be synced with your account on the Opera Link server as you click OK.

This is the tough part done – you should now be ready to import the bookmarks into your Windows Phone 7 device using the Opera Link for WP7 app.

Using Opera Link for WP7

On your Windows Phone, open the Marketplace and use the search tool (via the magnifying glass button) to find “opera”. With Opera Link for WP7 listed among the results, select the app to download and install it.

This shouldn’t take too long, and once installed the app will be listed in the Apps screen. Tap to open, and then use the Options button to login, using the credentials you specified when creating the Opera Link account.

Soon, you should see your bookmarks listed, organized into any folders that you might have had setup in the favourites list on your PC. With these pages all available, all you need to do now is launch the Opera Link for WP7 app and tap the page you’re looking for. This will then open in your browser window.

As you can see, the Opera Link for WP7 app doesn’t import the bookmarks into Internet Explorer for you, but does make them available on your phone for easy access.

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