Verizon Samsung Fascinate Getting Minor Update

June 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung Galaxy S had been given different monikers by different carriers. But this has never affected the popularity of the device. Well, as you know, folks at Verizon decided to call the device Fascinate. The model was launched last September and had reported very few minor problems. That’s where a new update comes into play now.

Owners of the Samsung Fascinate will start seeing a minor update pushed out to their devices soon. The minor update i500.ED04 is primarily meant to improve the delivery of Over the Air Software updates and also to improve incoming call connectivity. Isn’t it quite strange to get an update via air that will enhance the delivery of future over the air updates?

Most of the users of the Samsung Fascinate have more than two years left on the 2-year contract. Considering this fact, you would love any update and when the update promises of enhancing your overall Android experience, you would love it even more.

It’s true that the update does not actually bring new features to Fascinate owners but it is highly recommended that you install it in order to be able to continue to receive other important updates as they are rolled out.

Though it’s said that the update is only a minor one, it is a 98 MB file. That means it will take around 15 minutes to download. If you haven’t received your update, you can get it here. What are your views on this?

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