Samsung Galaxy Tabs to Aid Teaching in South Korean Schools; Awesome Idea with a Tint of Green

June 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, as you all know is an amazing slate, and stands out in a crowd of tablets that rule the domain. Now, over there in homeland, Sammy has got some due applause with schools in South Korea deciding to engage in exploring the educational purposes and possibilities of the Android tablet. The manufacturer, along with the Daegu High School, is all set to kick start the ‘smart school project’ which has the device at the forefront.

The device would be used to share educational content. Specialized classrooms are being set up based on the subject of study or as per the SCAS system. The SCAS implies a system where students are made to move to a particular class based on their learning abilities.

The tablets used for this purpose will come featured with special tools, functionalities, preloaded with apps as well as a specially optimized UI with RFID functions.

We hear the tablet would prove to be a perfect and powerful academic assistant with some amazing technology backing it. It would help teachers to communicate with the kids – and their parents as well. Educational and creative data sharing would happen at the click of the options.

Another dimension of this innovation is that it would sometimes help in reducing the consumption of paper and books. Rather, replacing them with such techie stuffs would definitely help in the making of green classrooms as well.

As you are aware, schools in America have already adopted Apple’s iPads to aid in imparting education to kids. We guess we might get to see not just a smart class room, but in fact a smart green classroom in the long run the world over. Don’t you think that would be a great idea?

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