Xbox 360 Gets New Processor [UPDATE]

June 13, 2011, By Christian Davis

[UPDATE]:  Microsoft’s Major Nelson has clarified the Xbox 360 processor story that’s made the rounds, saying that it’s old news.

In a tweet, Major Nelson clarifies that the processor in the 250GB hasn’t been changed, and that the new processor story is from a year ago

[Original Story]: If you still haven’t picked up a new Xbox 360 you should definitely consider getting one now. A new processor is going to be implemented in the next batch of consoles that will give some notable improvements to the system.

The new processor will cut down on heat and manufacturing costs making your 360 more reliable as well. Even less of a chance of getting a red ring console is always fine with me.

The System-on Chip (SoC) processor combines the GPU (graphics processor), CPU (main processor), memory, and I/O logic into a single chip.

The processing chip has been in development for five years and will reduce the size of the  motherboard, and power supply on top of the reduced manufacturing, heat costs, and heat management.

There’s no word on when we can expect the new processor to be implemented, but hopefully Microsoft will ship them out this year. If you still don’t have an Xbox 360, are you going to wait for the new processor? Let us know in the comments.

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