Swear Words in Your Mind? You Can Now Type Them Easily with iOS 5 Texting Shortcut

June 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A casual look at the screenshot we have for you here will let you know about the recent developments in the new iOS 5. It reveals a special text shortcut option that will finally makes it easy to type those naughty words, as per your will. So now, you can forget the “problem” of auto correction as far as swear words are concerned.

All these days, if you had typed “hell”, it would be automatically corrected in to he’ll. But, thanks to the new feature, the device can now indirectly sense when to turn up the heat and when not too.

The same feature lets you add shortcuts of words and phrases too. For example words like “on my way” could be turned into “omw”. The added-on words will be saved in to your personal dictionary.

Thinking about the prominent way in which the feature could have been used, it should have been an addition in the first iOS release itself!  Most of the other phones had this feature already pre-loaded and all these days’ iPhone users resort to apps like TextExpander, which comes for $1.99 at the iTunes App Store.

Actually, there are many other ways in which you could do the same. One of the ways, for example is, clicking the “x” button five times a row; this would allow you to save the word in your dictionary once you have typed it. Or this is what many of the online forums said, followed by comments by users stating their unsuccessful tries.

Well, you can stop all your attempts at these vain tries once and for all. Now, type what you want to say as it occurs in your mind! Cheers to Apple! Please, let us know your views.

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