HTC Android Smartphones Stay Ahead of Samsung and Motorola Devices

June 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is something significant, we feel. If you thought Sammy and Moto devices rule the Android smartphone market, you need to think again. HTC has come up trumps in that domain in the US phone scene much to the surprise of the rivals.

With 35% of Android sales to their credit, HTC has beaten Motorola and Samsung who hold 29% and 18% respectively. This is significant considering that Motorola had made up over half of all Android sales when scrutinized less than a year ago. HTC was somewhere near the 30% mark then. New figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech US reveal that HTC is blazing ahead with sales surging.

Motorola’s Droid has been in the meantime garnering much attention from the tech press as well as potential customers ever since the device was shown. The Droid range, which incidentally has Motorola and HTC and also Samsung in the fray would power Android towards the fast track compared to other models running the OS.

Going by what Lara Biddiscombe, Consumer Insight Director – Global, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, feels:

“While Motorola has been focused on the Droid series, which accounts for the majority of its Android sales, and is carried almost exclusively by Verizon, HTC has widened its portfolio and is available on all major carriers, including EVO on Sprint, MyTouch on T-Mobile, Droid on Verizon, meaning that Droid makes up only 14% of HTC Android sales.”

It has been revealed that HTC rides high buoyed by low prices of their devices. If you go deeper into that aspect, it can be seen that 68% of HTC’s smartphones sold for less than $150 compared to 57% of Motorola’s. So that has been a great attraction for consumers, particularly the younger crop if buyers.

HTC may be on top at the moment, but they need to be wary of Samsung as days go by. With a varied portfolio of devices, Sammy can make use of the availability factor as well as the cheaper pricing strategy to pose a threat to HTC’s reign. Motorola also needs to track Samsung’s growth path to stay unscathed by Samsung’s surge.

Are you a HTC phone owner? Tell us what has made your favorite company reach top slot.

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