Apple iPhone 5 Likely to Come with 1080p Video Output Support

June 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looking for more on the upcoming iPhone 5? The constant rumor mongering seems to be giving us much to expect about the next iteration of the Apple iPhone.  After all those sweet little info the little bird has already brought to our midst, we now hear Apple is incorporating something more on to iOS 5 that will allow 1080p video output support.

The latest iOS 5 beta 1 brings to us some good tidings, we must say. Apple has enabled 1080p video output support on the new software, which was something Cupertino had missed out earlier.

So what does the 1080p video output support on iOS 5 mean to you? If you are one of those on the go entertainment freaks who would want to sync movies onto your iOS device using iTunes so that you can watch them later on, you will be able to do that in full HD quality when the iPhone 5 comes out for real.

Folks at 9to5Mac have tested the feature and found the playback awesomely smooth. It has also been revealed that 1080p movies look great.

If you have been tracking rumors and reports on the next generation of the iPhone, we needn’t tell you yet again that the Apple iPhone 5 is expected this fall.  Now if you are someone who would want to get your  hands on the new feature, you will need to have a developer account Apple.

If you are willing to wait, we suggest you wait till the iOS 5 rolls out in full form –  in September, that is- so that you can try that out on your iPhone or iPad.

We are indeed looking to see the inclusion of 1080p video playback on our next iPhone. Aren’t you too?

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