Facebook’s Tattoo Avatar: Woman Tattoos Images of 152 Friends on Her Arm (Video)

June 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social networking – Facebook in particular – has been invading lives like never before. If you think you have a problem admitting that, read on! In what could be seen as the ever growing popularity of Facebook, a woman who has got her arm tattooed with the images of her 152 Facebook friends.

Instead of tattooing select person’s images, she has been so gutsy enough to engrave all the hundred plus Facebook contacts on to her skin. Quite strange, right. The YouTube video we have posted below for you says it all.

Well, after publishing the video on You Tube, viewers responded that the entire tattooing process is not real but fake. Since there are no blood stains seen, which is usual for tattooing, it is difficult to say whether she has been subjected to actual tattooing.

However, the skill of the tattoo artist needs to be appreciated. Also, the video shows the artist working on the arm. But, the woman – the subject of our story – is only partly visible. The video also shows how the entire lot looks like after couple of days. It gives an impression that the woman is wearing a shirt underneath the one she has put on; it even looks like a stamp collection or something like that. The natural look of the huge tattoo owes it to the adroitness of the tattoo artist.

This, incidentally, has won more popularity and has made more impact than the Facebook tattoo spotted on the arm of Toshiba spokesman T-Pain recently.

Now everyone is curiously asking, what if she wants to remove one of those people from her friend’s list? On the actual networking site, it is as easy as simply clicking the option. Now that she has got a permanent, mobile Facebook with her, we suppose it is not as simple as that. What do you think?

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