Using Google Search Effectively

June 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Over the past ten years or so, Google has grown from Yahoo!’s search provider into a giant in its own right, linking up websites with people that are looking for information. The chances are that you found this page either by being a regular DeviceMAG reader or because you searched Google. So you’re already half-way to using Google search effectively.

Why only half-way? Well, there is much more to be learned from Google than simply typing a word into the web search tool and seeing a page of results.

As the web has developed, so has Google, and there are more and more ways in which you can use the service to find the information that you’re looking for on the web with considerable ease and immediacy.

Using Google Search effectively

Finding What You Want on Google

The most obvious use for Google is to find a website, and this is always possible by searching for the name of the site. Even if you’re not certain about the name of the website, Google will suggest some spelling alternatives to help you out.

You could also be looking for specific information about a particular topic, something that Google is particularly good at uncovering. For instance, a search for “novels by edgar rice burroughs” will reveal Wikipedia as the first result, with links to Amazon following quickly behind.

The latest news can also be displayed on Google. You might enter something such as “libya crisis” to see the most up to date news stories concerning the troubles in North Africa, and the results might even display a live feed from Twitter wherever relevant information is being discussed.

Google web search can also be used to find people, with the results often linking to Facebook, and addresses, with the results offering you the chance to open a view of the location in Google Maps.

But searching text based websites is just the tip of the iceberg with Google.

Find Videos, Images and Compare Prices with Google

While YouTube might be the web’s premier home for video streaming, movie clips can also be found on many other websites, which is when the Google Videos search comes in useful. You can either search for a video clip with the web text search or use the Videos link at the top of to take advantage of this service, which will provide you with search results comprising clips from sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and of course YouTube.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a specific image – perhaps you want to know what a radio personality looks like – you can use the Images link on Google to search for such a photo. The standard web search on Google can also be used to return images, but these will open up in Google Images in any case.

As you can see, understanding the options available for search on Google is very useful, and can save you quite a bit of time.

But did you know that Google search can also save you money?

Thanks to Google Shopping, again available via the Google menu, you can search for items and find the lowest priced example in seconds; for instance, you can find a BlackBerry Playbook for as little as $475 online according to a search I have just performed.

So, there you have it – ways to use Google Search more effectively!

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