Pricing of Sony’s NGP and Why Consumers Will Pay for it

June 6, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP) is rumored to be revealed this year at E3 2011. Excitement is everywhere. One of the main things consumers are worried about is how much it will cost. Sony was apparently settled on the pricing before their NGP was finished. The official price of Sony’s NGP will be revealed at their press conference. Sony Computer Entertainment Head Shuhei Yoshida has released some information about why they decided to set the NGP at the price they feel comfortable at.

“I feel very comfortably that we are going to be hitting it,” he said. “We definitely consider this is the price that it has to be for people to even consider purchasing it.”

Sony looked at the parts it would take to create their NGP and the price of other handhelds out there. Yoshida said that they were even considering loading their NGP with pre-loaded games and software accessories. The team behind this is still looking to bundle the NGP with something which gives off the impression that this device will be quite expensive. Some decisions that they have settled on is that there will be a 3G version and a WiFi only version. They also suspect that there will be different bundling for different regions around the world.

Sony’s NGP is separating from the rest of the handheld devices by it’s unique gaming capabilities. Simple things such as having two analog sticks is something that will make this handheld feel comfortable. With Kojima’s new Transfarring system dual analog sticks seems like a must have.

The NGP is set to be announced at Sony’s Press conference. Let’s hope they reveal an official price and a release date of when we can expect their NGP on store shelves.

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