Motorola Droid 3 Ready for Roll Out? Leaked Tutorial Videos Suggest So

June 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All those who are looking forward to get your hands on the Motorola Droid 3, we have news for you. The third version of the series that started Motorola’s Droid revolution – the Droid 3 – is closing in on the markets. The reason why we expect this is because we have just stumbled upon a few leaked tutorial videos of the Droid 3!

Despite showcasing itself intermittently through leaks and benchmark reports, our knowledge about the device has been very limited. As from the rumored specifications, the device will most likely be out with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a dual-core 1GHz OMAP 4430 CPU, and a qHD 960 x 540, 4-inch display. The phone will also feature front-facing and rear cameras.

The leaked videos have also confirmed something that we weren’t aware of before – the phone will be capable of recording video at 1080p. The phone will also come with an all new separate number row, in gray hues, on the physical keyboard.

Earlier we had heard that the Droid 3 will be released by the beginning of the second-half of this year. However, until now we had not got any conformation on a specific date. The leaked videos suggest that the device is arming itself to be released immediately. Or, that is what we think.

So, watch out for the official announcement soon! In the meanwhile, here are the three videos we were talking about. Hit the play button in the array of tutorial videos posted below and we are sure you will have Droid 3 on your shopping list. Are you going for the Droid device? Tell us.

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