E3 2011: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Screenshots And Kinect Funtionality

June 6, 2011, By Christian Davis

Ubisoft unveiled a little more about their upcoming military shooter, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and its Kinect functionality. What did  they reveal? Basically, you can play the entire game via Kinect.

The way it was represented was really cool. Demonstrated on stage, the spokesperson was hunched over like the sneaky soldiers in the game. Looking and movement was all done with body gestures and it appeared to move very fluidly.

Using weapons was shown in a new gun customization mode called “Gunsmith.” It’s as in depth as a car racing simulation; allowing you to customize even the inner workings of the weapon. Gesturing both hands outwards will separate the gun into its individual components.

Shooting is definitely the most exciting. Simply by holding your hand in a raised fist enables the shooting mechanic. Opening your palm will fire the weapon. Sustaining an open palm keeps your gun at fully automatic. Briefly flashing your palm will allow you to shoot each bullet individually.Zooming in with a long ranged weapon was also done by raising your hand above your head. It’s clear that Ubisoft really thought this out.

With all the hand gestures mentioned, voice controls were also integrated in the gun editing mode. Simply stating “Scope” will switch to that part of the gun. You can then navigate through the sections by stating “Next.”

Kinect with Ghost Recon maybe be a better fit than peanut butter and jelly. Here are the new screenshots for the game. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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