Sega Has 13 Titles Appearing At E3

June 3, 2011, By Christian Davis

This could be a really great E3 for  Sega. 13 games are coming and 90% of them don’t involve their blue hedgehog mascot. That’s a very good sign. With so many big titles coming out this year, standing out from the rest is definitely something you want to do.

What’s coming from Sega? Well, they do have the Captain America: Super Soldier game that they’re developing for the upcoming Captain America film starring Chris Evans. For a movie game, that actually does look a little fun. If you’re skeptical about that, it’s completely understandable. Most movies games aren’t great. Though, the long awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines will be there and that should be a fantastic team based first person shooter. The action slasher Anarchy Reigns is looking really impressive and that will hopefully be as fun as it looks.

The family oriented gamers aren’t left out either. You can’t have Sega without Sonic the Hedgehog and they’ll also be displaying Sonic Generations and Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics.

If you fancy gaming on the go, then don’t worry, Sega’s got you covered there too. Crush3D is the 3DS version of the PSP puzzle game. Renegade Ops, the downloadable shooter will also be making an appearance alongside a new Shinobi game for the 3DS.

Rise of  Nightmares for the Kinect promises to provide “full body scares.” Interesting concept that hopefully delivers. Top all that off with The Guardian Heroes HD and House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut for the PS3 and you’ve got a pretty hefty E3 set up.

That’s only 11 shooters we have listed and there will be more to get our hands on at E3. If you’ve stopped paying attention to Sega, you may want to start again.

Which Sega game are you excited for?

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