Pentax O-GPS1 Lets You Spot Locations of Pictures Clicked; Get Yours This Month

June 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to clicking away to glory while on travel, you would always want to arm yourself with one of those best digicams available out there. Finding a device that would give you the best is no longer tough. But then you have always though your travel plans get you some added advantage if you could have a GPS-enabled digicam, right? Your prayers have been answered, with Pentax getting on to the GPS bandwagon.

Pentax has integrated GPS technology into their cameras for the traveler in you. The aim is to let you spot the locations where you had clicked the most amazing pictures while on the go.

The new Pentax O-GPS1 venture is what we are talking about. The GPS technology thrown into the unit will bring too you the basic location data alongside an array of other features.

The O-GPS1 unit can be used with Pentax’s various digital SLR cameras and you will be able to record latitude, longitude, altitude, coordinated universal time (UTC) and whatever aspect you want of the location where you snap the scenes.

And, that’s not all. The Pentax O-GPS1 unit also houses apps such as Astrotracer, Simple Navigation and an Electronic Compass. Of these, the Astrotracer app can be deployed on the Pentax K-5 or K-r, and has been designed to work with the snapper’s magnet-driven Shake Reduction system. This, in fact, helps in compensating for the Earth’s rotation.Another aspect we like about the GPS unit is its ability to stand the test of small drizzle and such inclement weather.

Pentax is likely to bring on the O-GPS1 unit this month itself, for around £229 in the UK.  When it arrives in the US sometime later next month, we think we will be able to pick one for $249.95.

So the next time you pack your bags on a sightseeing tour, make sure you include an O-GPS1 along with your favorite Pentax shooter. Also, tell us the experience once you are back.

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