Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Kinect Compatible?

June 2, 2011, By Christian Davis

From here on out, expect every big title to have a Kinect compatible rumor. Unlike the others, Mass Effect 3 actually has some Box Art to prove that the game will be “better with Kinect.”

NeoGaf User ‘Lakitu’ spotted the box art(shown below) on the store. Stating “Better with Kinect Sensor” across the top. Since the post, the box art image has been removed from the EA store. If you’re new to rumors, if something is removed, it’s just as good as a confirmation.

E3 is just a few days away so you can expect to hear more about this very soon. So what do you think could make Mass Effect 3 Kinect compatible? You certainly won’t play the entire game with Kinect, but maybe certain features of the game will allow it? Hacking will require you to use your hands now perhaps? Or certain segments during conversation will as you to answer questions?

Give us your ideas in the comments below.

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