Rayman: Origins New Screenshots and Info

June 2, 2011, By Christian Davis

It’s incredible that Ubisoft is bringing back the Rayman franchise. Our favorite orange, no limbed friend is going to make a big splash this holiday season.

Rayman creator Michael Ancel takes Rayman: Origins back to its original 2-D side scrolling, platforming action and even adds 4 player cooperative gameplay. Many classic characters will return and should hit the nostalgic nerve that we all have.

Origins, is going to be quite a big game as well. Over 60 levels spread across 12 environments scattered with enemies of course and “epic boss fights.” If boss fights are anything like the original(which we should expect since they’re going back to their roots) then this will be a rather difficult game covered in cute art and funny characters.

The art is one of the most notable parts of the game too. Very vibrant and playful. It’s definitely one of the best 2D games we’ve seen in a long time and you can expect the animation to be some of the best as well. Rayman: Origins is set to release this Holiday season on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

Here are all the screenshots below. Let us know what you think of Rayman: Origins.

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