See Mortal Kombat’s New Character Skarlet In Action

May 31, 2011, By Christian Davis

Hopefully, one of many new characters to come, Mortal Kombat fans finally get to see the red ninja, Skarlet in action. This scantily dressed, blood soaked ninja is going to be one tough opponent to face.

She’s quick, agile, throws razer sharp knives and even turns into blood. You’ll see a lot of Skarlet’s moves in the gameplay trailer below. Teleportation? She’s got that. Throws blood? Got that too! Combos that can juggle you for days? Check! She seems like the complete package.

We don’t get a complete glimpse of her fatalities, but one of them involves her stabbing a knife in the opponents ear and the other has her turn into blood and, from what we can tell, go into her victims and cause them to implode.

It’s pretty gruesome which is perfect for the latest installment of Mortal Kombat. Before you watch the trailer below, think of who you’d want as DLC for the game. Playstation 3 owners have gotten Kratos from God of War series. What would you want the Xbox 360 players to get for an exclusive character? I’d love to see Wolverine or Ryu Hyubasha. Though they’re not exclusive to the Xbox 360, it’d still be great!

Here’s the trailer below.

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