Wii 2 Project Cafe real name Stream Rumored Details

May 30, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

It’s no surprise that Nintendo’s new console is getting the most buzz at E3 right now. With crazy rumors such as touch screen controllers and power stronger than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and it’s hard to believe we’re still talking about Nintendo.

Nintendo’s new console is named Project Cafe but rumors have surfaced with the official name being “Stream.” On the above picture in the text you can see what looks like an early development photo of a console and controller design. Next to the controllers there is written text saying “Screen Stream”. It’s possible that they could be naming their controllers “Screen Controllers” as they did previously with the Wii-mote.

Some say the Wii fell behind later in the console race simply because of the technology is possessed. Nintendo’s Wii had no HD capabilities and less than one gigabyte of internal memory. It’s rumored that “Stream” will have a triple core IBM power PC chipset this is apparently more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. At this age in technology it wouldn’t be a major surprise if we saw “Stream” have 1080p capabilities with stereoscopic 3D. The console is suppose to be roughly the same size of an Xbox 360 and somewhat resemble a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The Price of Nintendo’s “Stream” will not be as cheap as its predecessor the Wii starting off at $250. If rumors are true I wouldn’t be surprised if it started off at a $350-$400 price range. Well worth the money for a controller that has touch screen capabilities.

In the picture above you can see that the controller looks similar to Nintendo’s GamCube controller with Twin Sticks. Nintendo is going back to what most gamers want. That doesn’t mean we should rule out the fact that “Stream” might have some type of backwards compatibility. A screen is also shown that looks to be embedded into the controller which is rumored to be six inches and run 1080p. It would probably serve the same function as the Dual Screen for the Nintendo DS. Rumors speculate that you may even link your “Stream Screen” controller with your Nintendo DS which would be quite a feat to have.

Nintendo is looking to change the industry once again as they have so many times before. Let’s hope most of these rumors for Nintendo’s “Stream” come to life at E3.

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