Toyota On-Board Navigation System to Alert Wrong-Direction Driving; Goes On Stream on June 1st in Japan

May 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

May be you have tried swimming against the current. But ever tried driving against the flow of traffic, at least unknowingly? However, in Japan more than a thousand cases of wrong-way driving have been reported in the recent years. Most of them involved senior drivers too. In this instance, Toyota has come forward to find a solution for the issue in Japan.

The company has revealed plans to fit an on-board navigation system on vehicles which will alert the driver on any instances of wrong direction driving. The navigation system will have novel features such as on-screen and voice alert to inform the drivers that they are driving against the direction of the traffic.

The system will be fitted on the vehicles from June 1st onwards. The voice alert system will play a recorded message:

“You may be traveling against the flow of traffic. Please check your direction of travel”, simultaneously flashing an on-screen instruction- Warning! Wrong Way!”

The system will be making use of communications based map updating technology and GPS support. The sensors on the vehicle will also help the navigation system to assess the vehicle flow direction. The system will monitor vehicle movement in toll roads, on highways and junctions.

The system will be useful at toll gates and service area ramps where the driver can get confused about the actual direction of vehicle flow. Japanese authorities hope that the new system will help bring down accidents caused by wrong-direction driving. Don’t you think you would want this new system in your part of the world too?

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