Sony NGP May Sport PlayStation Vita Name; Set for E3 Showcase?

May 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Any guesses on what Sony is going to call its NGP? There have been speculations galore on that front, and lots are being still debated. One little bird tells us that the upcoming gaming handheld is to be called the Vita! Considering that the E3 event is just round the bend, we tend to think that the naming is final. But then, We guess we will have to wait for Sony themselves to tell us that – may be atE3.

The revelation has a lot to do with the unexpected leak of some marketing material of the NGP. Though pictures of the console were out in the open, the original source managed to pull it in a jiffy thinking no damage has been caused. But then, the Vita nomenclature however got snapped up by the enthusiastic few out there.

Vita, in case you didn’t know, is Latin for ‘life’. So Sony seems to be breathing new life to the gaming console terrain with the Vita.  However, we are yet to find out if Sony Vita will be the name the name of the handheld when it finally hits the market.

So PlayStation Vita could be on show at E3, and may be, Sony will start endorsing the handheld in that name. However, speculations abound on whether Sony has decided on a weird name, which at least some out there wouldn’t be happy about.

Do you think you will get to play with the PS Vita or something that would come with a different name, post E3? Tell us what you feel about that.

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