Samsung ST700 2View Cam Packs Animation To Woo Kids; Pick One for $279.99

May 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As we told you already , there is no end to the road of innovation at Samsung. If you are among the lot out there who lose your temper while trying to snap children since they never look in the direction of the cam, you need not worry anymore. Samsung has rolled out an interesting device that can do away with the irritant.

Well, we are not sure if you remember their 2View camera lineup which they rolled out in 2009. The 2View cameras were peculiar with their dual displays. They had a display on the rear like all snapping devices, but sported a small display on the front too. It helped people clicked better self-portraits. The new child-friendly cam also comes in this series with its dual display feature.

The special feature with this cam is that the front display can play animation, which will interest children and will keep them looking on the camera so that you can snap them easily without shakes and blur. The cam comes loaded with eight different animations so that the users can make it sure that the children don’t get bored a second time you try this trick on them.

If you run out of interest in the eight animations over a period of time, the camera allows users to record 30 second clips or slide shows to replace them. Dubbed ST700, the new cam from Samsung comes with a 16.1 mega pixel censor and a 5x optical zoom lens. The tricky cam costs $279.99 now. Are you going for it?

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