Kinect Star Wars To Be Shown At Microsoft’s E3 Conference

May 30, 2011, By Christian Davis

Remember the brief showing of Kinect Star Wars last year?  We were shown a Jedi destroy some droids, run through the city at high speeds, and finished off the demonstration with a show down with Darth Vader. It was a great idea, but we haven’t heard anything since then.

If you’ve been wondering this whole time what’s been going on with the title, you can rest easy now. Via Twitter, Geoff Keighley shed some light on the game.

“Yes, Star Wars for Kinect will officially be unveiled live during the Xbox 360 E3 briefing on Spike. Tune in on June 6 for more.”

That’s literally right around the corner. Most Kinect titles are a collection of mini games and this could be the first one to allow for a more streamlined single player experience.

Now you can finally feel cool because waving your hands and pretending you have force powers and a light saber is way better than petting jump roping tigers.


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