Apple iPad 2 and Other Slates Trigger Mobile Data Boom in South Africa

May 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you think the tablet boom is benefiting only the tablet and accessory manufacturers, you are wrong, or that is what the South African cellular operators feel. The recent popularity of slates in the market, according to them, will trigger high demand for mobile data which will indirectly help the carriers.

According to a recent response by executive head of Nashua Mobile, the tablet market in South Africa will soon become more active with the new tablets coming up in the scene. It will the best opportunity to sell data SIM cards as hot cakes, since the new tablet users are crazy of surfing on internet with these portable devices.

Studies have already revealed that the tablet shipping figures will touch 294 million in 2015 from an 18 million in 2010, making deep dents into the figures of the PC sales world over. South Africa too jumped on the bandwagon with long queues when iPad 2 hit its streets.

People are specially seeking sets with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. According to an expert, once the number of options in the comparatively small tablet market goes up with new products from Motorola and Research In Motion, the tablet market will really take off in South Africa.

Since a majority of these devices ship with integrated 3G connectivity, a part of the harvest will be reaped by the cellular network providers. So it seems that the operators in South Africa are eyeing to grab the opportunity by preparing attractive data usage rates coupled with subsidized hardware. Apple iPad 2 and other slates trigger mobile data boom in South Africa.

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