The Making Of “Get Blake Griffin In Rage”

May 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Let try this scenario out; you’re an all star professional basketball player who placed on a less than stellar team known as The Clippers. Since you can’t do everything by yourself, your team didn’t make the playoffs, and now you have nothing but time on your hands. It’s obvious that the next step is to try and get into Bethesda’s upcoming first person shooter RAGE.

Pretty sure that was the thought process of NBA titan, Blake Griffin or something very similar. Surely you’ve seen the video the young athlete trying to smooth talk his way into one of the most anticipated games of the year.

How did this off the wall combination come to be? Bethesda has set over a behind the scenes video that showcases the commercial’s idea from concept to reality.

I mean come on guys, he jumped over a tiger! Check out the video below.

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