Apple Update to the Rescue; Mac Malware Threat Being Countered

May 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are Mac user you would know, a malware has been creating quite a bother for you for more than a week now. It was earlier believed by a few that only Windows users suffered from malware problems. Reportedly, the customer care team at Apple was asked to attend to the problem if customers rang up citing the issue on Macs.

Dangerously enough, what the malware actually does is search for your credit card information! Stunned? How it operates is that the malware redirects Mac users to fake websites to alert them the need to purchase the ‘Mac Defender Anti-Virus’ software. This program is malicious and transfers your credit card information. The malware is known by the names of MacDefender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity.

Apple has now swung into action and will deliver a Mac OS X software update that automatically find and delete the malware and all its variants – if any, that is. The update comes with a notification that provides a warning if users end up downloading this malware. Apple has also posted a support document with instructions on how to avoid or manually remove the malware.

As a matter of fact, for years experts believed that the lack of security on Apple machines could eventually result in massive hacking. When Windows has already been seasoned with security proofing under stress, Apple is only new to this problem. It seems like the effects of this dilemma are going to last for a while. What all can be the repercussions of the malware attack? What do you think?

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