Toshiba Chromebooks and Windows 7 Tablet PCs Drop Off Roadmap

May 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought Toshiba would be among the forerunners in developing Chromebooks and Windows 7-based tablet PCs, think again! If you haven’t noticed as yet, these devices have already disappeared from Toshiba’s latest product roadmap. This has left the company’s plans with only the Android 3.0-based Thrive Tablet on their schedule.

Earlier, Toshiba had displayed their Windows 7-based tablet PC at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US. But this sudden change of mind could delay the model’s launch schedule or even eliminate its chance of appearing in the retail market.

As far as the Chromebook is concerned, the company will be operating in a ‘conservative’ technique. That is to say, due to Toshiba achieving only a lower-than-expected performance last year for their AC100 smartbook. The PC builder sees Google’s web-only OS Chromebook as a repeat. This makes them feel that the product would end up as a flop.  However, none of the roadmap drops have been confirmed so far.

Google has been trying hard to line up supporters for their Chromebooks, but have so far only succeeded to get Acer and Samsung to publicly detail plans. In the meanwhile, Asus has been on the fence.

Talking of the Thrive Tablet, Toshiba UK has already pushed it back to late summer and the chances of other countries to follow suit are also high. Tell us what you feel about Toshiba’s change of plan.

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