Dell XPS 15z Notebook Rolling Out with 15.6-inch LCD Display; MacBook Rival

May 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A landmark day in the fight between Apple and Dell in the laptop market dawns today, with Dell deciding to roll out their MacBook competitor Dell XPS 15z notebook.  We have seen and heard a lot about this machine through leaked pictures and a bunch of rumors, that it is meant to take up the MacBook series of products in the market. However, the real game will begin when the hero of the tale really surfaces in the market.

Though we have heard a lot, the reliable among them puts the new entrant from Dell to have a 15.6 inch LCD display. The leveraging factor for this machine in the processor hungry markets of the present times is the presence of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. As per the grapevine, it may come with a price tag of around $999, which will be another point for the Mac Book Pro to have a tight fight.

As we are eagerly waiting, it is almost sure that the new entrant will be able to clinch the title of being ‘the thinnest notebook of its size’ at least for some time. The title, points to easy portability of the new product from Dell.

If the news about the form factor and design of this machine matching up very much with its rivals is true, you may find similar speaker grills, slot-load optical drive instead of a tray and many similar things on Dell XPS 15z. However, apart from appearance, it will be the performance and price tag that will count more in the market for it.

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