Apple iPhone 5 to Come in a Smaller and Thinner Form?

May 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was only yesterday, we had told you that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 would come sporting a curved design. Even before the debates on that are dying down, we have stumbled upon new info that says the iPhone 5 will come in a smaller and thinner form. In case you haven’t heard as yet, Apple was said to be in the works with smaller SIM cards. It is said that the SIMs will be used with their global carriers for future versions of their mobile devices – and that also means iPhone variants.

With the grapevine already abuzz that the iPhone 5 may be delayed until next year, we guess that could be perfect timing for the smaller, thinner iteration of the iPhone 5. Stephane Richard, the CEO of France Telecom, which sells more iPhone than any other network other than AT&T, has been quoted as saying:

“I understood that the next iPhone would be smaller and thinner and they are definitely seeking some space. It is exactly in this scenario that we have been hearing rumors of smaller SIM cards for mobiles.”

So that could easily mean there is a good chance that the next iPhone is going to catch attention by being smaller than its predecessor.

Meanwhile there is also a possibility that the smaller SIM cards are for the “iPhone Nano”, which was discussed earlier. The device, codenamed N97, is said to be smaller, lighter and cheaper and would feature an edge-to-edge display. Smaller SIM cards would be perfect for this device and maybe the Orange’s CEO was just dropping a hint on that.

Going by what he has stated, Apple and the networks are looking to have smaller SIM cards, and the idea of having a device with no SIM card was also thought about. But the carriers have ended up convincing Apple that this was a bad idea due to security and authentication issues. What are your other expectations?

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