New X-Men Destiny Screens Show Off New Character

May 23, 2011, By Christian Davis

X-Men: Destiny is hopefully going to be the next great X-Men title. There hasn’t too much gameplay, but fans of the comic book series are excited for the game. Today, we get some new screenshots the title and get our first look at a new character, Grant.

Grant is a college kid who wants to play for the Varisty squad for Berkley’s football team. He then find out that he has mutant powers and his life is turned upside down. The interesting thing about the character reveal was that X-Men: Destiny was assumed to have mutant creations. With the idea of Grant possibly being the game’s protagonist, this does change the whole outlook of the game.

We’ve got four screenshots that show Grant in action, taking down various henchmen in a variety of locations. The style of play this game is going to have is unknown, but if multiplayer is included, expect a game along the lines of X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Here are the screenshots below. Are you excited for X-Men: Destiny? Let us know in the comments.

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