HP Touchpad WebOS Slate Placed on a High Pedestal; Maker Believes it’s Better Than the Best

May 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

To repeat their success story in the PC market, HP is about to appear in the race to get most out of the tablet segment of the market by launching the Touchpad this summer. Lining up the launch, the HP team seems highly confident about the device’s chances –  despite the fact they are going to face tough competition.

HP bosses have shared a strange kind of logic about the market chances for their tablet devices. The company feels that they have reaped a better result in the PC market when they had nothing special to be different from other products. HP believes the game is going to be different this time.

HP TouchPad, with its different identity from other tablets currently in the market, will make it into the ‘better than No. 1’ position, claim officials. If we go by their words, what is that makes the HP TouchPad unique? It runs on the WebOS platform, which indeed is the uniqueness. It will give a fifth option for the customers in a market where Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android rule the game along with the Windows 7 and BlackBerry tablets.

However, the decisive part of the game will be the way WebOS is going to support apps. Presently, the company claims to bring thousands of apps including those from musical services, Sky and Guardian. HP claims that it is  just child’s play to adapt the apps run on web to WebOS. However, we will have to wait and see about the chances of HP Touchpad reaching the top, overtaking Android and Apple slates. Do you think Touchpad will make it?

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