Verizon CFO Says Apple iPhone 5 Compatible on CDMA and GSM Networks

May 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhone 5 is still shrouded in mystery about its launch. However, Verizon’s  financial boss has spilled the beans about the possible of all network compatibility of the new iPhone. The gist of what he has said is that the much hyped iPhone 5 can work on both CDMA and GSM networks unlike its predecessors.

Folks on Verizon were indeed amazed to find the difference in the hardware features of the first iPhone meant for the carrier’s network when it launched in the early months of this year. It had a different identity, with slight changes in the hardware features compared with the iPhone on the AT&T network. With the new revelations, it seems that such differences will not be noticeable with the iPhone 5, since it is reportedly capable of working on both the bands.

However on the absence of a 4G LTE capable Apple device on their network, the Verizon CFO was more than tactical in giving a response. Avoiding any damage, he made a safer remark, saying that the network will pour in Android phones with 4G LTE capabilities this year itself.

Kicking the ball back to Apple’s court, Big Red’s CFO said the concern should be of the Cupertino giant, that they don’t have a 4G LTE device yet. Will Apple answer the question at the iPhone 5 launch? What do you think?

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