Apple Build-to-Order Macs Update Going on Stream; Customize and Download Add-Ons

May 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Your wish for a friendly version of Apple app store had come into effect some time ago, but we know you all have been missing a full option online ordering service. More evidences are coming out as of late, convincing us of Apple’s plan to roll out a number of changes to its store functionalities. This would include both online and brick-and-mortar purchasing platforms. The exciting part of the current Apple story is that Sunday morning will witness the debut of the revamped update application, with full support for customizing build-to-order Macs.

As of now, Apple Store applications allow only stock configurations for each model. With the addition of the update, users will be presented with the option to customize the full range of processor, memory, hard drive, and other hardware options in respective of each model.  The customization index also includes pre-installed software titles.

Along with all the customizing features, users will be able to select add-ons such as AppleCare and printers just as it’s now possible through the full online Apple store portals.

From Friday onwards the Mac maker has been taking the order status feature on their website offline, until Sunday, in order to launch the update. After the update, the store will allow customers to browse and purchase Apple products and accessories and stay up-to-date with in-store events.

Earlier, a number of job postings had appeared suggesting the alterations that Apple was trying to make to its online stores. However, we haven’t heard any major changes hitting the online store other than an update to the order status functionality. Apple first released a retail store application for iOS last June. Let us know your take on this.

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