Mercedes-Benz Style Eurocopter EC145 is Truly Benz Class

May 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Merc does something, it is ensured that it comes with a stamp of  class. The many beauties on the tarmac stand testimony to Mercedes Benz’s innovative approach to automotive technology. We now have a Merc brand of style house up and running. Akin to Porsche’s Porsche Design and BMW’s DesignworksUSA, comes the  Mercedes-Benz Style. As their first project, Mercedes Benz Style has transformed the Eurocopter EC145 into something that has the trademark identity of the Benz design architecture.

(Images: Gizmag)

The first finished aircraft was seen at the EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) in Geneva 2011. The company claims that the copter incorporates most of the Mercedes-Benz design elements.

On closer look, it’s the characteristic silver paint scheme that hints that this helicopter is no ordinary helicopter, but a brand identity.

The interior design clearly showcases the influence of Benz. With the dominant use of wood, leather and other common materials found in the Mercedes sedans, the interior is shining, spacious and exuberant for that total Benz experience.

The best of all is the ambient cabin lighting that can be adjusted to a number of different colors and brightness settings like that found in the S and E-Class to ensure the flyer doesn’t end up receiving a shock to their system when transferring from their car to the copter.

The interior design was created in the Mercedes-Benz Advanced design Studio in Como, Italy, and was inspired by the automaker’s luxury-class saloons.

The passenger cabin is versatile and the seats are fixed to rails and can be systematically arranged in a variety of different ways.

The seating capacity ranges from four to eight. The seating can be removed completely to keep the luggage. These features clearly make the point clear that the copter is suited for the family weekends or for ferrying corporate clients.

The EC145, the first product from the newly formed design wing of Benz, is a good signpost to letting us know what we should be expecting in the days to come. Tell us what you feel about the new brand innovation.

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