Get Tweeting on Your Mobile!

May 20, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The popular social service Twitter makes it easy for you to keep up to date with the most important news and gossip about the things that you are interested in, something that you can do by signing up and following people that offer the relevant information. You can do this in around 5 minutes in your browser window, and signing up can certainly be a life-changing experience!

In actual fact, you don’t need to be tied to your PC in order to use Twitter. The system of 140 characters was devised to make it simple to text tweets from an old-fashioned mobile, and with the proliferation of smartphones with Twitter apps it is now possible to update your status in pretty much any way you please, from wherever you like.

All of the popular mobile platforms have a range of Twitter apps available…

Get Tweeting on your mobile!

Twitter on iPhone

If you are the owner of an iPhone, you can choose between the obligatory official Twitter app and various third party alternatives. As you may now, Twitter has been cutting down on third-party apps of late, so be aware that any of these might vanish at some point in the future.

Probably the most popular unofficial Twitter app is Twitterific, available in free (ad-supported) and premium flavours, although Echofon is a good alternative.

Twitter Apps on Android

The Android mobile platform also has a good selection of Twitter apps available, and beyond a competent official app there are tools such as Twidroyd (a useful app with a nice method for displaying linked content in tweets) and a mobile version of the popular TweetDeck.

Note that there is also an Android version of the Hootsuite app, another transfer from desktop operating systems and Plume is a popular choice. As far as Home screen widgets go, Plume might be the best choice; the Twidroyd widget is somewhat limited.

Follow Tweets on Windows Phone

There are various ways of accessing Twitter via Windows Phone 7. The first is via the official Twitter app for the platform, which offers a nice multi-account experience which integrates perfectly with the popular Metro UI.

Another way is via the third party mobile apps from Seesmic, MoTweets (which started as a Windows Mobile app), Beez and Birdsong, which are all available with free versions available from the Marketplace.

Finally, the Mango update which converts Windows Phone 7 into Windows Phone 7.5 will feature integration with Twitter from the People Hub, much as the current versions offers Facebook integration.

BlackBerry Twitter Apps

Finally, BlackBerry users have plenty of Twitter options, most notably with the official RIM app for the service. There are alternatives, though, such as Open Beak which is a “Tweeting” app rather than a “following” app – a useful tool for anyone who likes to talk rather than listen!

Elsewhere, UberTwit is a popular choice for BlackBerry users, offering all of the retweet, direct messaging and URL shortening tools that you would expect from a desktop Twitter client.

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