Gears of War 3 Teaser Trailer Shows Marcus Phoenix’s Real Goals

May 20, 2011, By Christian Davis

During the entire Gears of War trilogy, there’s always mention of Marcus Phoenix’s father, Adam Phoenix. You don’t ever really see what he looks like, but you just know that he’s a major part of the war against the Locust onslaught.

Microsoft released a teaser trailer that hints at his motives. It’s his father if you haven’t guessed it yet. The teaser trailer is all of 16 seconds long and doesn’t really show much of anything. Marcus’s father is in trouble and he wants to go and find him.

Now here’s an idea, what if this is a trap for Marcus and the rest of the COG soldiers? What if that video was old and kept secret and the Locust are just now deciding to use it as bait to catch everyone off guard? Just speculation of course.

Along with the new trailer came a new screenshot as well(shown above); showing the team gathered around the console where the distress call originated from.

The full length trailer releases on May 28th. So until then, just watch the teaser below.

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