Nexus 3 Round the Bend? LG XML File With Hints Spotted!

May 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What we are about to tell you may call for a pinch of salt along with it. Or, at least some among you would want to get that pinch of salt handy. Ok let’s break the surprise bubble – LG is readying the Nexus 3! Well, we can imagine those frowns on your faces now. Read on if you aren’t still convinced as to what we mean.

The speculations of a Nexus 3 smartphone stem from an XML file spotting . Though illegible for non-techno beings, what we have here is an LG XML file. Significantly enough, the XML gives away a code name for onlookers. Look closely, and you find ‘p390’ written over there. Now that could be the codename of a smartphone that is to come soon.

Further down below, you even chance upon the specs.  Going by the numbers mentioned, the smartphone will come with a 1280×720 resolution display and will also support Edge/GPRS and HSDPA/HSUPA. Now that’s interesting, indeed. However, there is no mention of how big the screen size would be.

Did you notice, we have been repeatedly saying this is a smartphone? You might be wondering why we are so sure that it’s not a tablet. Okay, let’s explain that too. LG has a habit of prefixing the alphabet P to the smartphone codenames, while for the tablets it’s a V. Here the codename reads p390, and that makes us rest assured that the device is a smart phone.

Not just another smartphone – let us add. Going by the minimal specs we have in front of us we tend to think this is the Google Nexus 3 that would boast of a quad-core processor and 720p HD display. Do you also think this is the upcoming Nexus 3?

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