HP Hidden Innovation Revealed; Smartphone Codenamed Nova Dartfish

May 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Let’s unwrap some hidden info from the stores of HP. A webOS developer has actually managed to unveil the new and upcoming machines that HP had been testing for a while. A log dated April 14th has put the spotlight back on the HP TouchPad, and it states that the touchpad comes up with a physical keyboard. The unannounced version of the webOS is codenamed Nova Dartfish and will sport a 1,028 x 768 resolution for its display.

As we speculate, the inclusion of a physical keyboard not in a slider form could mean that the device we are talking about is either very large, something that reminds us of the BlackBerry form factor or it is a foldable model. Both ways, one thing is for sure that we could expect some great innovations from HP pretty soon.

Another point that the log clearly states is the absence of a swappable battery for this model. So keep your plans of carrying an extra fully charged battery as a substitute. The device supposedly will be having mandatory networking features like WiFi and Bluetooth. The rest of the specifications are currently not known.


The rumors clearly reveal the approach of the company. Apparently, they are trying to employ the scattergun approach – that is to say creating as many form factors as possible so that they can end up pleasing the whole of the customer base. Will this modus operandi succeed or not? Please leave your comments.

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