Samsung Explore 3D VoD Service Hits UK; Crawling Bandwidth Raises Eyebrows!

May 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ushering in a piece of entertainment with an extra three dimensional perspective to the lives of UK citizens, Samsung has announced their free Explore 3D Video on Demand service in the country bundled along with Samsung 3D TV. However, we are yet to find how much the service will come handy for the comparatively slower streaming speed in the UK.

As you already know, Samsung had launched the same service in Korea and the US where the bandwidth is much better than in the UK. The way the 3D stream app for the Smart TV works has started raising doubts on British shores. Currently, most broadband users in the country experience connection speeds ranging between 2 MBPS and 6 MBPS.

However, the South Korean electronics conglomerate was reportedly well aware of the issue before launching the service in the country. That’s what it looks like, we mean.  According to the company, 4 MBPS speed is what’s more than needed to stream 3D content on their service.

Experts consider 3D content bulkier than HD video content. As part of the attempt to look at the issue from all the sides, it is also worth thinking about the data usage as you think about the available speeds when such a bulky service launches in the country.

As many networks are in the habit  of throttling the speeds after a point, how far the 3D video services will flourish is altogether another question. Well, we would like to know if you would opt for this 3D streaming service despite a slow connection and high data usage, let us know.

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