Modern Warfare 3 Release Date Leaked?

May 17, 2011, By Christian Davis

There’s been a lot of Modern Warfare 3 talk lately. Teaser trailers, level design, weapons, and a whole lot more have been on discussion for the past week. Don’t expect it to stop any time soon though. Supposedly, the release date of Modern Warfare 3 has been leaked.

IGN reports that an anonymous retailer  confirmed that the release date for Modern Warfare 3 will be on November 8th of this year. There was a sales poster(shown below) at the retailer that showcased the date.

The retailer is based in Australia and in all honesty, this is a pretty reasonable date. Most, if not all, Call of Duty games release within the first two weeks of November and the upcoming installment could be no different.

There’s no comment from Activision as of yet, but with E3 being right around the corner, you can expect some sort of announcement then.

With all that said, who’s still excited for Modern Warfare 3? Will Battlefield 3 take away the glory or will Activision’s upcoming shooter set new world records? Let us know in the comments.

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