Amazon’s Ad-Supported Kindle Tops Best-Selling List; People Don’t Really Hate Adverts!

May 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here is a punch to all those who believe that the public generally hate advertisements! As per Amazon’s best-selling list, the WiFi-only Kindle version supported by advertising and special offers is the best-selling variant of the Kindle right now.

This makes us believe that people don’t actually hate advertisements popping up – in fact some of them demand that. Secondly, people don’t mind saving $25 bucks if it means they have to view few ads on their book reader (they would consider it as a leisure). And finally, the basis of all marketing, cheaper Kindles sell better than more expensive Kindles.

However, credit goes to Amazon’s ad system as not many applications are endowed with such a well planed and implemented ad system. Amazon was keen on not to interrupt the readers while reading, so they have discreetly placed the ads on the home screen and screensavers and not inside the book.

With all these happening under wraps, we can hopefully expect Amazon to continue to lower the price of their Kindle e-readers, especially now that they have figured out the money that they could make by just posting in the advertisements and special offers.

Rumors of a Kindle successor in the making are been heard already and we can expect these variants to drop prices even more as they would be interested in increasing their sales when they are on a high. Tell us what you think about this?

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