Switching to Mac: Don’t Forget the Malware

May 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

So you’re sat there with your brand new Apple iMac adorning your desktop, looking to all intents and purposes like a TV rather than a desktop computer. You took the advice of your Apple-loving friends who were bitten by the Steve Jobs bug a few years ago and have been warmly enthusing that you should drop the virus-magnet that is Windows in favour of the super-secure, virus free operating system that is Mac OS X.

You’re happy.

You’ll probably even stay happy when a browser vulnerability lets hackers into your Mac to leave a Trojan keylogger, and you’ll even be grinning when you login to your online banking account or access the Mac App Store for the first time from your new computer to see how much it cost you.

I daresay you’ll be laughing as  you show off your Mac to your Windows computer owning friends as the Trojan leaves a nasty bit of malware to cover its tracks and leaves crying with confusion, with no choice but to reset your computer and reinstall the operating system.

All because you believed the myth…

Macs can suffer from viruses and malware too

Mac Owners Beware: Malware Hurts You Too

You can sit there and shake your head, but the truth remains: threats exist that are targeted at Mac OS X. They have grown in number since Apple started using Intel processors and they will continue to grow as new cross-platform applications are introduced. The existence of McAfee Internet Security for Mac should be enough to tell you that the once safe and heavenly Garden of Eden that was Mac OS X is now popular enough for skilled hackers to invest time into creating malicious software to target and in some cases destroy this computing paradise.

In this day and age of Windows users flocking to Apple it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that more threats are being uncovered on a regular basis. The underlying superiority of the UNIX source code makes no difference; the people programming Mac-specific threats were script kiddies five to ten years ago and know just how to press the right buttons to turn UNIX into SkyNet. Running up a few dangerous scripts to steal and then delete your data is child’s play.

Find Good Quality Internet Security Software

We’re not going to be featuring any anti-virus or firewall-specific tutorials for the Mac in the near future, so do yourself a favour and get hold of a good quality anti-virus, firewall or even an all-in-one Internet security suite for your Mac. You paid around 30% more for your Mac than you would for a comparable Windows computer, so protecting it in this way makes perfect sense, and will save you time and money travelling to an Apple Store with a malware-related issue only for the Genius on duty to reinstall Mac OS X as a solution for $50. That’s not a solution, it’s a cop-out.

You need to take care of your Mac, so do the right thing.

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