Samsung 2560 x 1600, 10.1-inch Display Ready for SID Event Demo

May 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If Samsung’s efforts aimed at bringing to the market some awesome display hardware see success, we are in for something superlative. Sammy is said to be ready with what they call the industry’s first ever 2560 x 1600, 10.1-inch LCD.

The innovation will be showcased at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium that gets underway next week. You might wonder if such a kind of resolution is possible at all. Samsung, in fact, is making it actually happen. The SID event will see the first ever unveiling of such resolution for tablets.

Tablets with 10.1-inches of screen real estate would be hoping for such a feature to go commercial. As per Samsung’s plans, the new resolution could be available commercially later this year itself. Tablet makers, are you listening?

The industry’s first ever 2560 x 1600 resolution LCD will have a screen density of 300dpi. On that count, the display may be seen as comparing well with the Retina Display resolution of Apple’s iPhone 4. However, we don’t feel Apple would go in for Samsung’s innovation by any chance.

If you would remember, Apple had earlier spoken about a double-resolution iPad of 2048×1536. However, analysts had downplayed such talk owing to the non availability of high density displays then.

This could be because they thought the 10.1-inch form factor as exceeding the 9.7-inch size of the current iPad’s design. Also, it has been pointed out that the display resolution is more than the pixel-doubled resolution of the iPad’s current 1024 x 768 display.

Samsung’s new display is indeed of high resolution and will fit into tablets too. We are just waiting to know if this one gets into the Samsung Galaxy tablets soon. Before that, let’s pack our bags for the  SID event to see a demo. See you there.

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