Reading Books & Magazines on Android Tablets

May 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are many ways in which you can enjoy reading material on an Android tablet. For instance, you might utilise the Kindle app and gain access to a massive library of free and paid for books, or you could download a useful app such as ComiXology to spend time reading comic books and graphic novels.

Alternatively you might prefer something more substantial, such as daily newspapers from around the world delivered to your Android tablet by a great app such as PressReader from Newspaper Direct.

In truth there are many different ways of reading books, magazines and news on an Android tablet, from dedicated apps that allow you to make purchases to simply dialing up a web page that is designed to make reading on a tablet or mobile phone easier.

Reading books, magazines and comics on Android tablets

The benefits of this are obvious; to begin with, it saves trees and the production costs of paper and ink. By downloading such content directly to a tablet device for reading, the relatively low cost of production helps to keep the price of the content low.

Looking Pretty Cool

There can be no denying that holding a tablet and scrolling and tapping it to read new content, pages and frames looks pretty impressive to anyone observing, but there is a lot more to the advantages of a tablet computer than just looking pretty cool.

Quickly imagine a typical businessman or perhaps a financial sector specialist. In the past they’ve always been loaded up with newspapers, briefcases and perhaps even a laptop. Thanks to a useful newsreading app on their tablet, the Android device is all they now need to carry around, which is obviously preferable and allows easy switching between its newsreading app, email, and any RSS feeds that might be running.

The Future of Digital Reading

Along with the stylistic and economic and ecological factors, there is also the consideration that using an Android tablet to read books and magazines is supporting a fledgling industry that has had a fair bit of trouble getting started thanks to the shadow of piracy.

While PCs and laptops and mobile phones have long been the preferred medium of reading comics and suitably formatted magazines, a reluctance by certain companies to release their material in digital form for fear of piracy has long been a threat to the future of digital reading. What all mobile platform users need is a way of purchasing, downloading and reading content on the device of their choice without these concerns getting in the way, and the best methods seem to be systems like Kindle or ComiXology, which allow the reader to find a title, download it to their tablet and enjoy it.

Over the next few days we’ll be looking at the various ways in which you can read news, magazines and books on an Android tablet.

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