IPad 2 Camera Tips & Tricks

May 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The popular iPad tablet has recently been superseded by Apple’s iPad 2, a device that looks to all intents and purposes pretty much the same. As it happens, the iPad 2 has a few extras under the bonnet as well as being equipped with an additional camera.

Taking a photo with a tablet might seem like an odd thing to do if you don’t already own such a device. After all, tablets are large than standard cameras and mobile phones, which makes the act of snapping a good scene accurately and without any shake quite tricky.

iPad 2 camera tips and tricks

Throw in the fact that there is no hardware camera button and you can see that taking an accurate and pleasing photograph could be quite tricky.

The iPad 2 has two cameras, front and back. The front camera is impressively able to record 720p video, but is useless for most other types of photography. On the back, however, you will find the iPad has another 720p video recording camera, but one that is able to take single snaps at a much lower resolution.

The rear camera, of course, is the one that you will be making most of your photographic captures with. However, you’re looking at a very low .69 megapixels on the iPad 2, which may seem like a step backwards for many users.

General iPad 2 Camera Tips

Snapping a photo with the iPad 2 is pretty difficult if you don’t make full advantage of the available tools. Launching the camera app on the tablet is the first step; the second is to decide where and how you will hold the device. Most people grab their tablet computer by the sides to take a photo, and then notice that the shutter button moves out of reach!

What you will need to do to take a photo is tap the shutter with your thumb while holding the iPad, and this can only be done by pressing the hardware orientation lock button on the top-right corner of the tablet. With this lock activated, you should be able to rotate the iPad as much as you need and the shutter button will remain within reach! One thing that you should be aware of with the iPad 2 is the quality of the zoom on the rear-facing camera (the one that you would use for the majority of your photos). As such, using the digital zoom isn’t recommended.

Instead you should get close to the objects you want to photograph close up, and further away from those subjects that you want to include in a group shot. Make the most of the available resolution and use crop tools in your favourite image editing app to narrow the focus of the snapshot afterwards.

When using the iPad 2 camera app you can focus and adjust the light meter, helping you to achieve good quality photographs with the limited hardware. This can be done by tapping on the particular subject of the scene you are snapping, which prompts the tablet to adjust the focus and the meter of the lighting.

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