AT&T-Compatible Samsung Google Nexus S White Smartphone in the Offing?

May 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since the white variant of the Apple iPhone was being talked about, smart phone makers seem to be taking the white route. The latest we get to hear on that relates to an AT&T variant of the Google Nexus S. From what we get to know, AT&T will soon be unveiling a white version of the Samsung Google Nexus S.

We tend to believe this as we stumbled upon a picture of the white phone which was posted on Samsung’s website. Going by the picture, the impending arrival of a white variant of the Nexus S on AT&T seems confirmed. The picture in fact shows a black faced device with a white rear. You may not see the picture if you log on to the site now, as it has been pulled soon after it appeared. Guys at PocketNow however managed to snap up the picture and we have them it for you to see and comment.

Meanwhile, there is also talk as to whether the device would be a direct AT&T product or whether it would be made available as AT&T compatible device that would be sold by third party retailers.  The device, referred to a pearly white Nexus S has already caught our imagination, and so we are eagerly waiting for the roll out on AT&T soon. However, neither AT&T nor Samsung has revealed as to when the device would actually arrive. We are also waiting to know what kind of a price tag the device would sport.

Let’s go looking for more on that. In the meanwhile, please tell us if you would love to play with a pearly white Nexus S.

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