What’s in a Name? Ask Facebook-Outcast Mark Zuckerberg!

May 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered what’s in a name? If you haven’t as yet, you better do now – at least when social networking is at its zenith. Let’s tell you one funny episode, so that you will get a hang of what we are talking about. This might be the most astonishing yet funny news title you have recently come across; “Mark Zuckerberg Banned from Facebook”. Don’t kick yourself now! For, we are not talking about the world’s youngest billionaire-cum-internet entrepreneur who is the CEO of the social networking site Facebook. The man in the news at the moment is another Mark Zuckerberg, who has had to suffer in an unimaginable way because of his name.

This Mark Zuckerberg was banned from Facebook after he was mistakenly identified with the founder of the networking site. He happens to be a lawyer from Indianapolis. We think the reason of removing his personal page by Facebook might be because there could be only one Mark Zuckerberg in the world, and he was not it!

This Mark was actually denied a Facebook account two years ago, just because of his name. The attorney later had knocked the doors of the Facebook authority with relevant documents such as copies of his driver’s license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association license to prove his name and to make them believe that he existed. He then thought his problem was solved.

However, as you can see, that too didn’t help. He has been banned from Facebook! The man, who also owns a site called Iammarkzuckerberg.com, says that before the advent of Facebook, the only man whose name appeared in the lists of Google had been his.

The lawyer bitterly admits that his name is not his any more. Now only one man in this name is known to the world. Funny? We don’t thinks so! There is something seriously wrong. Don’t you also feel so?


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