HTC Merge Available at Third Party Distributors

May 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaks have been one constant when we think of the HTC Merge. The wait has been on and every time we stayed in anticipation, we heard new stuff about the device. Finally, leaks have taken a break, and now we get to see some confirmed info which says the HTC Merge may finally be launching on Verizon in a while.

If you would remember, we had heard about a possible Verizon launch of the Merge some time back. But soon after that the excitement died down as no revelations came about from the carrier. Other carriers like Alltel and Cellular South had then come about with details of the upcoming launch of their own versions of the Merge. That, in fact, made us think that the Verizon launch was not happening at all.

Things have changed, now. It is being confirmed that only third party distributors will be selling the device.  This could mean that you won’t find the HTC Merge at Verizon stores. We, in the meanwhile, would have liked to pick up the Verizon Merge from carrier stores.

The latest confirmed release schedule of the device comes nine months after the first reveal of the device. The device with the 800MHz core and absence of LTE may not appeal to many, though.

Let’s see how the device will fare at the sales counters of third party retailers now. If you are among those who are getting the Merge, tell us more about that.

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