Remote Media Streaming in Windows 7

May 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the top features of Windows 7 is the operating systems usefulness when it comes to streaming media. Thanks to both Windows Media Player and Zune you can stream video content to devices around your home, and if you have a DLNA equipped device this is made even easier.

Of course, all of these options allow you to enjoy streamed media from your main computer to other hardware in your home, or connected to your home network. This might lead you to think that while you’re away there is no way to stream content to your current location, but you would be wrong.

Thanks to Windows 7 and Windows Live, it is a relatively simple matter to manage streaming from your PC or Windows 7 media center to your current location!

Remote Media Streaming in Windows 7

Linking Up Your IDs

To get started streaming content from Windows to your Windows Live account (which you can sign up for at, open Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts and select Link online IDs from the left-side menu.

Select WindowsLiveID and click Link online ID; a sign-in box will appear, so enter your Windows Live credentials. You will then be taken back to the Link online IDs screen, so click OK to confirm.

With your local and online IDs linked up you will then be able to authenticate your online access to media stored on your Windows 7 PC!

Configuring Windows 7 Streaming

In order to manage the sharing of your media to a location across the web, you will need to have your PC switched on and connected to the Internet; you will also require Windows Media Player to be installed, and you will need to activate sharing across the web.

To activate this facility, open Windows Media Player and use the Stream > Allow Internet access to my home media… option.

Note that this option may not be available immediately, so select Link an online ID, which will take you through the sign in steps for Windows Live as described above.

You will then need to repeat the steps for linking your Windows Live ID and activating streaming on your remote PC, and any home media you have will be listed under Other Libraries in Windows Media Player.

Things to Consider

Obviously a fast Internet connection is going to prove beneficial in streaming your favourite movie from your PC to your laptop halfway around the world, but then bear in mind that many corporate networks will probably block streaming. Similarly, if the host computer isn’t running Windows 7 or Vista and doesn’t allow you to link your Windows Live ID to Windows Media Player 11 or 12, you will not be able to enjoy streaming movies and music from your home PC or media center!

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