HP Pre 3 with Global Roaming Passes Through FCC Gates; Summer Roll Out Likely

May 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know this was coming? If you see it a surprise offering, we suggest you need to gear up to pick one as soon as it arrives. We are talking of a new smartphone from HP that has just FCC approval. What interests us so much is the fact that the device has been pushed through the Commission gates with the same specs as the Pre 3 which was announced earlier. One significant addition though is the presence of a global roaming feature!

Besides, the FCC detailing brings to the fore suggestions that the CDMA version of the new Pre 3 will also include additional support for quad-band GSM. It offers support for WCDMA 900 MHz and 1200 MHz bands as well which allows for roaming capabilities in Europe.

As we all know the exclusive business phone Pre 3 came featuring all those business essentials. Packing a WVGA display, vertical slide-out keyboard, and 1.4GHz processor in a thin and attractive body, the Pre 3 had come with noise-cancelling speaker phone as well as mobile hotspot.

The spruced up Pre 3, we get to know, might come equipped with webOS 2.3. That, in fact, could mean that the new Pre 3 might be subject to two software updates as soon as it gets rolled out.

The new Pre3 with the new spruced up specs will most probably arrive sometime this summer. Stay geared up to pick yours.

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